It is probably a dull habit to read all types of books from start to finish, but I find myself unable to dip in and out of a new book of poems or short stories. I like to be thorough. The way I’d eat dessert. I wouldn’t dream of plunging my spoon or fork into the heart and smearing the centre down the sides. Maybe I should…

So it is with my latest current read. No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July. It has a yellow cover. I like books with some yellow in them. Maybe it’s a glaucoma thing. Or maybe it’s a happy thing. It caught my eye at Waterstones and accompanied me through a solitary lunch at Yo! Sushi where a little boy of eight seemed quite fascinated by the creature opposite him, eating alone and looking perfectly satisfied to do so.


Reading July in April is a delicious thing. Subversive. Which is the best way to describe these stories. Which I discover later also come in other colours…



2 thoughts on “JULY IN APRIL

  1. I love the idea of remembering ! I certainly forget a lot. I read this a few years back. I love her name Miranda July. The only one that sticks with me was the story with the girl in the wig who couldn’t take it off… I’m not sure I fully ‘got’ it!


    1. We forget so much, us readers! I like that you keep book lists for each year.
      I think Miranda July is an acquired taste but I love her sense of humour and the randomness of her characters. They are all equally vulnerable and brutal at the same time!


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